Enrichment Activities

Enrichment Activities at Through-The-Week Preschool add variety and additional educational opportunities to our standard preschool curriculum.

Through-The-Week Preschool Exploration-Station Through-The-Week Preschool Library Story Time

Exploration Station

Exploration Station is a room filled with open-ended sensory materials to be explored freely in an unhurried manner for inquisitive 3, 4 and 5 year olds.  This is an extension of the classroom area and is designed for preschool children to experiment with a variety of materials and freedom of exploration.  Classrooms visit Exploration Station weekly or semi-weekly for 45 minute sessions.

Library Story Time

Parent volunteers come to our Through-The-Week Preschool library and read to all 3, 4 and TK students in sessions of 20 minutes once a month.  This is a wonderful opportunity for children to embrace the love of books and reading.

Poppyseed Theatre

Led by Karen Jones, published author, originator of Community School of the Arts’ Preschool Arts Lab, and a teacher for over 20 years works her magic for all threes, fours and TK students every week for 30 minutes.  Introductory concepts of theatre and music are woven into classic children’s stories and are reinforced through hands-on activities. Children’s stories, poems, songs and rhymes are used with simple props, teacher-friendly instruments and lots of opportunity for involvement and improvisation.

Music by Holly

Music by Holly Johnson, musician and preschool teacher leads the toddlers and twos in 15 minute sessions twice a month with instruments, songs, rhymes and fingerplays. Holly visits each classroom with her bag of instruments and songs and engages the preschool children in singing and dancing.

My Gym

My Gym comes to Through-the-Week School twice a month for all 3’s, 4’s and TK students in a fun filled 30 minute session. Classes engage all children to use their gross motor skills with activities that include tumbling, gymnastics, balance and more.